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Ontario’s VQA wine and grape industry is inherently connected to the environment. Growers and winemakers rely on the natural resources our planet provides, and are mindful of the impact their businesses have on our world. Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario Certified wineries and vineyards are caretakers of the land, good community partners, climate action leaders, and invested in social equity and diversity. Practicing environmentally-responsible and sustainable approaches in our vineyards and wineries is our way to ensure that the land we farm, the communities we live in, and our businesses remain healthy and viable for future generations.


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The Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario (SWO) Certified logo assures consumers that the complete grape to glass cycle is sustainable – that the grapes are grown and the Ontario VQA wine is crafted with sustainability at the forefront of each winery and vineyard’s business philosophy. Look for this logo on Ontario VQA wine from SWO Certified wineries.

The Pillars of Sustainability


Wineries and vineyards who carry certification are audited annually on use and conservation of water, reduction in waste and wastewater and implementation of energy efficiency programs, including the use of sustainable power sources. They are committed to preserving local vineyards for generations to come and are invested in land conservation and restoring natural habitats to ensure a healthy eco-system.

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Certified wineries must produce VQA wines, which are always locally crafted from 100% sustainably certified Ontario-grown grapes. While local wines inherently have a smaller carbon footprint for Ontarians, they also play a vital role in preserving local economies. Regional wines are an integral part of a community’s economic health and are naturally woven into their fabric.

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Wineries and vineyards that are certified are good neighbours and promote diversity and social equity in the workplace. They are expected to cultivate positive relationships with their communities and be leaders in social responsibility. They also show a commitment to producing authentic regional wines, which are a cornerstone of local food cultures.

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